Obsessed with being better.

We are Forward Thinkers. We are Solution Finders. We are Builders.

We Are Blackwood

Blackwood Building Co. is a progressive and dynamic construction company based in South East Queensland and renowned for innovation, individuality and integrity. Our reputation is endorsed by decades of experience built on reliability, consistency and an unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service. We have the calibre, capacity and confidence to deliver quality projects across private, corporate and government sectors from bespoke boutique residences and multi-unit projects to large-scale facilities.

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The Blackwood Experience

“At Blackwood Building Co., we have assembled a team who are not only outstanding in their field of expertise but who share our obsession so that our clients can experience what we believe to be our true point of difference. “ – Mick, John and Andrew

In a world where everyone is obsessed with being different, Blackwood Building Co.’s obsession lies in providing better value, being better communicators, building better homes, nurturing better communities, finding better solutions, and being better versions of ourselves.– Mick, John and Andrew

Meet the Team

Blackwood Building Co. comprises a diverse team of talented and dedicated individuals who are not only expert in their field but obsessed with making Blackwood the benchmark builder it is today.

Acquisitions, Development & Sales

Michael is an entrepreneurial, solutions-based leader with exceptional knowledge and expertise across acquisitions, traditional and non-traditional project funding methodologies, due diligence, and sell-through and exit strategies. His involvement across multiple realms of the property and construction industries allow him to translate key market demographics and steer real solutions to clientele. Michael is a key driver of relationships and networks which are built on clear communication and mutual value.
Andrew is an outcome and process-driven leader in the construction industry. He is renowned for recruiting dedicated, high-performing individuals to build profitable construction teams of utmost reliability who deliver outstanding results and exceed expectations in timeliness, quality and consistency. He is a strategic thinker with a strong focus around governance, performance frameworks and systems improvement. Andrew brings breadth of experience and a collaborative approach to help guide business direction across the office and on-site operations.

Building & Operations

General Management

With more than four decades of experience in the housing and construction industry, John’s acumen, knowledge and expertise extends from the building site to the boardroom and includes senior management positions within well-known and respected construction firms across Australia. John has a proven track record of steering small, medium and large construction businesses toward exceptional levels of profitability, volume and growth. His approach is highly detailed, methodical and hands-on, taking the time to understand every aspect of a business or a project before embarking on the implementation of his tried and tested methodologies.

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